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For the love of Kernow. A gateway site dedicated to raising awareness of the culture, heritage, history and politics of the Cornish nation. Links to Local Information websites for those who wish to gain insight into the People, the way of life and the reasons for preserving this unique Celtic homeland.

The Cornish Stannary Parliament is the original governing body of Cornwall's historic Tin mining community. Today it plays a key role in ensuring that the people, land and heritage of Cornwall is treated fairly in the eyes of a UK legal system that appears to be failing in it's capacity to recognise Cornwall's distinct and lawful position


Warlinnen. The Cornish Language Fellowship. Place names, phrases and their English meaning. An interesting sites for those wishing to learn more about the ancient Cornish Language still spoken to this day.


The Tyr-Gwer-Gweryn web site can be quite heavy going and political in places, but very in-depth. Tyr-Gwer-Gwer means Land, Truth and People. Run my a man who has dedicated over 40 years of his life researching and recording the truths of Kernow - past and present.


Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall is a progressive political party, campaigning for greater self-governance and devolution for the Cornish People and their future.

Cornwall in Focus

Cornwall in Focus, an interesting site with lots of info about Cornish culture, history, myths and legends, Celtic Cornwall, ancient sites, mining in Cornwall and much more...

Cornwall Cams

Cornwall Cam, a photographic intensive website. Photos updated daily, with images from all over Cornwall and based in Redruth.


A very popular site, run by Cornish people living in Cornwall. Lots of news, views and probably the busiest Cornish Forum on the internet. Also has a very good photo library.







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this is not England
If you have a question regarding the constitutional, political, environmental, and social well being of Cornwall's future go to TINE now.

Cornwall Information

Cornwall Information

New Cornish photos daily, plus live video from events, slide shows, famous people, photo reviews and thousands of photos >>>

Boundaries of Cornwall and the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle - Cornwall, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the individual Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, are shown as separate entities. The map refers to the position about 700AD.

Great Britain...  England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall ?

The Cornish Language partnership

Richard Trevithick

It was this Cornishman who invented the steam locomotive, not the Englishman who was featured
on the five pound note..

The Trevithick Society




Cornwall Photos

Cornish Photos
Celtic Congress

Cornish Heritage
Cornish Heritage
Buy Cornish goods online. All proceeds go to research into Cornish history, customs, traditions and language.

Cornwall News

Cornish world
Cornish World
Cornish World - Cornwall's biggest & best independent magazine for lovers of Cornwall at home and abroad.

Cornish Commonwealth Games Association

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